Absence Policy


You will be paid your training allowance when sick, provided you follow the guidance below;

  1. You must ring the E.L.M Academy before 9:15am on your first day of sickness and your salon at least half an hour before that day’s opening time.
  2. If you are away for more than one day but less than seven days, you must obtain a self-certification form from your doctor’s surgery and send it off at once to college.
  3. If you are sick for eight days or more (including weekends) you must obtain a certificate signed by your doctor and send it to college.
  4. Absence due to sickness will be kept under review by E.L.M Academy.
  5. Payment for sickness will continue for 3 weeks and into the fourth if it is clear you will return during that week. After this point your training allowance will be suspended until you are fit to return to work.

Unauthorised Absence

You will not receive any payment for any period you are absent without permission. If you are absent without permission for five or more consecutive days, and then you will be treated as having left the scheme.

Authorised Absence

Learners will be allowed time off from work to attend examinations – internal or external, or if they need to attend a day release course to further their career.

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