Disciplinary Code

Behaviour and performance

Those involved with your training will want to discuss persistent or serious failures on your part with a view to identifying and improving any weakness of performance or unacceptable behaviour. Where such improvement does not take place, or in cases of serious misconduct, disciplinary action will be taken.

Overall responsibility rests with your Training Director at E.L.M Academy who must ensure that you are treated fairly and reasonably. You have the right of representation of a person of standing of your choice.

In cases of minor offences your immediate supervisor in the company will give a verbal warning, intended to improve future behaviour and performance.

If the verbal warning is disregarded, or if the issue is more serious, the Training Director will issue a written warning. Before such a warning is issued all the facts will be considered and you will be given the opportunity to present your explanation. The written warning will indicate that 2 verbal warnings have been given previously.

If the written warning is disregarded and the unsatisfactory behaviour continues, E.L.M Academy may suspend you without pay or issue a final written warning, saying that a recurrence of the offence will lead to dismissal. The Training Provider is not allowed to dismiss or suspend a learner without consulting the SFA.

If the unsatisfactory behaviour continues despite the warnings, you will be dismissed from the scheme and referred to the careers service and SFA for further guidance.

At each stage your position will be carefully examined and a record will be kept of each disciplinary case and the action taken. You will be given the opportunity to put your side of the case and be accompanied by someone of your choice before disciplinary action is decided upon. You may be referred to a careers service or the SFA if you feel you have been unfairly treated.

Special circumstance leading to instant dismissal

Cases of a very serious nature may lead to instant suspension and result in dismissal from the scheme.

Discipline at work and college

Whilst in your salon you will be expected to follow the rules and procedures at the salon. If after the issue of appropriate warnings the salon placement will not accept you as an apprentice, it is then that the training director will determine whether your place on the scheme should be terminated or a further placement sought for you.

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